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Home Improvement

  We are here to tell you about some of the best home products available to make your home more enjoyable!

           We like to help our readers with great products and services to make their home better. OurTown Sarasota spearheads home improvement  projects to make your home a better place to live,  a home . The Sarasota Green House Project  begins to take shape with: MySafeFlorida Home Survey, FPL  Energy Survey, replacement of 17 windows with hurricane impact and energy efficient windows, heat pump, programmable thermostat, air duct remediation, extra insulation, 3 foot overhangs, low volume toilets and showers, rain barrels, polyfoam hurricane tile, seven ceiling fans, low-energy light CFS bulbs, energy efficient major appliances, tree canopies, creek irrigation, mulching. Watch as this 1973 Sarasota Florida cypress front house transforms. Future projects include a home web security system, hurricane garage door, low energy pool pump, salt chlorinator, efficient pool filter and vacuum and solar pool heating, solar water and a solar electric grid.


Home Improvement, Our Town Sarasota News Events

The Sarasota Green House Project new energy efficient windows are proving their weight in gold. It was 41 degrees outside  Monday morning yet the house stayed at 71 degrees with no heat on. That made for a 30 degree heat retention in our book. They are double pane storm windows that will withstand a 135 mph 2×4. The Sarasota Green House Project is sponsored by OurTownSarasota.com.

The windows were installed by Absolute Windows in Venice. https://www.absolutewindowanddoor.net/



Home Improvement, Our Town Sarasota News Events

We have installed a 205-gallon rain barrel by Bushman, www.http://bushmanusa.com/ . They have a calculator on their site to show you how big a rain barrel you will need. Rain barrels are handy for irrigation purposes, and emergency water needs. As our Geologist tells us ‘you can live without oil but, you can’t live without water.’









Home Improvement, Our Town Sarasota News Events

If you own a pool in Florida and it is marcited you are likely to have to have it re-finished many times. Save yourself the time and money and do it right once with Pebble-Tech. It was invented in Australia 20 years ago. We find that Pebble Tech doesn’t stain from leaves or other objects and that it uses fewer pool chemicals. An added benefit is that you get an instant foot massage from the smooth pebbles:) We used the following pool company to refinish our pool with Pebble Tech. We don’t think we’ll ever have to refinish it again.


Home Improvement, Our Town Sarasota News Events

We’ve painted many a room and house and we believe in using the best products. Sherwin-Williams paint and products save you money in the  short run (application) and long run (longevity). Their advice and knowledge is beyond comparison. They serve homeowners and professionals who believe quality and service is utmost in importance.





Home Improvement, Our Town Sarasota News Events
Our Sarasota Green House lawn prior to us putting locally made Florikan on it. We’ll watch it green up over the next four weeks. Florikan makes a Summer Safe fertilizer that releases no nitrogen into the environment. The county requires no nitrogen during summer feeding. Tell us how you are making sure your lawn person uses nitrogen free over the summer.

This is a great website to get an idea of what some home improvements will cost you for labor and material. We used it to estimate replacing a dishwasher. A company wanted $250 in labor, WYSE said $150. Then we asked the company if they would do it for $150 and they said yes. 

Also be sure to check out our Amazon Best Bets page: https://www.ourtownsarasota.com/ots-best-bets/

FPL offers information and rebates on new Air Conditioning systems.