//Sarasota 3-D Interactive Illusion : Kowal
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Sarasota 3-D Interactive Illusion : Kowal

This post is from our archive when we visited the amazing 3-D exhibit hosted by Denise Kowal who also founded the local Chalk Festival. This years 2021 Chalk Festival is being postponed due to Covid and CDC guidelines. 
“Experience over 45 interactive illusions created in collaboration with world-renowned Chalk Festival artists. Each illusion is a hand-painted original works of art that you are encouraged to step onto and become a part of the illusion. Make sure you bring your camera and get ready to take mind-blowing photos of you petting a tiger, holding off an alligator, kissing a huge frog, chased by a T-Rex, or in a fish tank to name a few!” The Museum was created by Denise Kowal who started the local Chalk Festival which originated in 2007.
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Participating Artists

  • Gregor Wosik, Germany
  • Cuboliquido, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)
  • Eduardo Relero, Argentina
  • Remko VanShaik, The Netherlands
  • Santiago Hernandez, Mexico *
  • Carlos Hernandez, Mexico
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Sergio Nino, Columbia
  • Limnesh Augustine, India
  • Jincy Babu, India
  • Kanako Matsumoto, Japan *
  • Lori Escalera, California
  • Kumpa Tawornprom, Florida
  • Bridget Lyons, Florida *
  • Truman Adams, Sarasota
  • Leon Keer, Netherlands (delayed due to coronavirus)
  • Matt McAllister, Sarasota
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Lester Mendoza, Florida
  • Luther Rosebaro, Sarasota
  • Sharyn Chan, California
  • Esh, Florida
  • Kurt Wenner, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)