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Wallenda Headlines New Show

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While the University Town Center/Nathan Benderson Park area is already home to sports, shopping and dining, there is currently no ongoing arts presence in the area. But that’s about to change: a new collaboration between hometown hero and international superstar Nik Wallenda and the Circus Arts Conservatory (CAC) will create a world class holiday experience that will undoubtedly become a Southwest Florida family holiday tradition for generations to come.

Wallenda and the CAC are already working on the first offering, an extraordinary immersive holiday spectacle titled “A Brave New Wonderland.” The Big Top will be located behind (east of) the Mall at UTC; the production promises to enchant audiences of all ages with a magical holiday experience like never before. The show will run from November 18 through December 31, 2023.

Wallenda, renowned for his breathtaking high-wire performances and artistic vision, has made a name beyond daredevil for himself as a current producer, partner, and visionary of the iconic Big Apple Circus in New York City. The legendary production has been a beloved holiday tradition for New Yorkers for 45 years, captivating millions with its world-class entertainment and captivating performances.

“I’ve always dreamed of sharing the magic of my New York City productions with my beloved hometown – and revered circus community – of Sarasota,” said Wallenda. “With ‘A Brave New Wonderland,’ I’m thrilled to collaborate with the Circus Arts Conservatory to bring this dream to life and create unforgettable holiday memories for the community that means so much to me.”

“A Brave New Wonderland” will feature a blend of thrilling circus acts, mesmerizing aerial performances, and heartwarming holiday storytelling, all curated under the creative genius of Wallenda, who will not only be producing and directing the show but also headlining. Sarasota, known for its rich history in circus arts and performance, is the perfect backdrop for this holiday spectacular, and the CAC – as the curator of the circus arts in our region – is the perfect partner to present this highly-anticipated offering to the wider community.

“When Nik came to us with his idea for a holiday show, we were thrilled at the concept and got to work right away to help bring the idea to life,” said CAC Executive Vice President/COO Jennifer Mitchell. “Our mission is to advance the extraordinary legacy and heritage of the circus; Nik Wallenda holds a prominent place in circus history. It’s entirely appropriate for Sarasota’s ‘hometown hero’ and ‘hometown circus’ to come together for a show that will delight and inspire residents and visitors alike!”

There will be further announcements regarding showtimes, ticket availability and special features. For more about Nik Wallenda, visit nikwallenda.com; for more about the CAC, visit circusarts.org.

Nik Wallenda and the Circus Arts Conservatory will collaborate on the immersive holiday experience, ‘A Brave New Wonderland’

Nik Wallenda walking the wire by Sarasota’s Bayfront in 2013
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The Circus Arts Conservatory’s Big Top, under which ‘A Brave New Wonderland’ will take place
Photo by Cliff Roles

About Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda, the “King of the High Wire,” is a world-renowned high-wire artist and circus performer, celebrated for his exceptional daring feats – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – and unparalleled artistry. With a career marked by extraordinary achievements, he has become an icon in the world of circus and extreme performance. He has traversed some of the most challenging and iconic natural and urban landmarks, including Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Times Square in NYC, and an active volcano. He is the holder of 13 Guinness World Records. He has also earned Emmy Awards for his captivating TV productions. Visit nikwallenda.com.

About The Circus Arts Conservatory
The Circus Arts Conservatory, located in Sarasota, Fla., is home to world-class performances, excellence in training the circus arts, and community-based outreach programs. The organization was born from decades of circus history and today serves as a legacy to those that have set the standards for international circus artistry and education. The Circus Arts Conservatory is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Visit CircusArts.org for more information.