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Our Town Sarasota Homeless

Sarasota is an idyllic town where the theatre and the arts have a major presence and support. That doesn’t mean we have no homeless people. Sometimes the weather attracts them or fate or?
Over the years we have documented homeless people in our town to remind us that many others are less fortunate.

The gamut of homeless people knows no gender or age limitations. One day we saw two young boys with their backpacks hiking around town. Then there is Bob who writes Christmas stories and sells them to the passerby.

 And the lady who works the corner of U.S. 41 and airport drive. Or a man with a long beard who sits on Main Street by Mattisson’s. The local Salvation Army does an excellent job of providing beds when the temperature dips into the 40s or below. They also serve hot meals every day. OurTownSarasota.com
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To donate to the local Sarasota Salvation Army https://salvationarmyflorida.org/sarasota/
A special thank you to Sarah Blackwell/Samantha Page
for allowing us to join her as she handed out sandwiches to the homeless downtown on Christmas Day.