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Good Reading

Good Reading: Information helps enlighten us, stimulate us and protect us in this world.

We encourage reading and the free press to help protect our rights. Media is one of the only means to inform us of rights, wrongs and injustices. You may not always agree with what the press has to  say, but without it we wouldn’t have a democratic society. Who would have exposed Hitler, Watergate, Weinstein,  etc.When Time Magazine wrote about the most influential venue to effect our lives in the 20th Century, the printing press was named number one. Today it would probably be the Internet. It’s about conglomerating and spreading good information.

The quality of our lives depend on accurate and timely information from research to needy causes, good deeds, red tide,  good and bad government decisions, sports, living, life .
Please support your local daily newspaper, in this case the Sarasota Herald Tribune , your  intelligence is worth $12 month, who knows maybe more 😉

In addition we support and recommend the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. More to come.

Thank you.

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