//Eargo Revolutionary Hearing Aid
Eargo Revolutionary Hearing Aid, Our Town Sarasota News Events

Eargo Revolutionary Hearing Aid

Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aid Review: 

Overview: As hearing aids get smaller and smaller we were curious how they performed and what the intricacies may be. When Eargo went public in October it caught our eye. Their hearing aid is small, and lower priced than many small hearing aids. And you can do a free hearing test online, in your home and then buy it online.


Eargo’s Black Friday sale going on now  thru November 28.  https://eargo.com/

 Here is what we learned:

More than 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents.2

Men are almost twice as likely as women to have hearing loss among adults aged 20-69.4

About 18 percent of adults aged 20-69 have speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears from among those who report 5 or more years of exposure to very loud noise at work, as compared to 5.5 percent of adults with speech-frequency hearing loss in both ears who report no occupational noise exposure.4

About 28.8 million U.S. adults could benefit from using hearing aids.

Eargo Revolutionary Hearing Aid, Our Town Sarasota News Events
Why we chose Eargo:

Eargo Revolutionary Hearing Aid, Our Town Sarasota News Events

After we received the Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aid we called their Welcome Center where Sarah a live person walked us through how to use their phone app to adjust the hearing aid if needed. Our Eargo was set on level 3 and we brought it down to level 1 which is the lowest setting.  They suggest you start at level one and then adjust it higher if you feel you need to. You can adjust the hearing aid volume level at any time by just tapping twice on your ear while the hearing aid is inserted. We had tried them on earlier on the day so we had a bit of exposure which helped us to ask some questions we had.

Cleaning is easy they provide a brush with the kit, no you can’t shower or swim with them. They suggest cleaning/brushing them every morning or at the end of the day. You remove them from your ear by grabbing what looks like a tiny antenna. When inserting make sure the antenna is facing down. The kit comes with filters that you want to change out every 3 months. Some people may just want to wear one of them. I’m trying that out since my right ear seems to have the most hearing loss.

The biggest test of them so far came last night when we went to my daughters new house which was mostly empty with hardwood floors. There were many people there and the sounds resonated with very little furniture in it.  They had just moved in that day and the furniture hadn’t been delivered yet. I am happy to say I didn’t miss a word with the Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aid. It’s not fun not being part of the conversation.

Sarah sent me some videos to watch which are available on their website which are educational and functional.

-Free hearing checks online (we have an updated version going live today or tomorrow–will provide link when available)
-Free fit-and-feel sample kits for folks that what to see how it feels before they commit to purchase

Link to Black Friday Sale: https://shop.eargo.com/eargo-neo-hifi?utm_source=ourtownsarasota&utm_campaign=src60-cnl14-spnd03-cmp02_review

Link to Hearing Check: https://eargo.com/hearing-health/hearing-check?utm_source=ourtownsarasota&utm_campaign=src60-cnl14-spnd03-cmp02_review

Link to Fit and Feel Sample: https://get.eargo.com/sarasota?utm_source=ourtownsarasota&utm_campaign=src60-cnl14-spnd03-cmp02_review

Meanwhile you may want to catch Eargo’s Black Friday sale!   https://eargo.com/