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Chalk Festival Update

The Chalk Festival has moved to Sarasota October 28-30, 2022 due to Hurricane Ian causing damage to the Venice Airport. The Airport Authority canceled all events at the Fairgrounds leaving us back peddling over two years of preparations and coming up with some incredible FREE experiences in Sarasota. Click HERE to go to our upcoming events***

3-D Pavement Art October 28 – 30 click HERE for illusion information!
The Zombie sculpture exhibition Oct. 28-Nov. 1 click HERE for zombie info!
The Sarasota Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest & Fundraiser Oct. 30, click HERE for contest info!
“Chariot of the Sun” Mural Community Project October 26-30, click HERE For mural info!

The Chalk Festival ‘Avenue of Art’‘ is taking place NOW in historic Burns Square, downtown Sarasota along the 500 block of South Pineapple and Orange Avenues. Phase I has over 100 hand-painted images celebrating Sarasota County Centennial, 1921 – 2021. Once completed, QR codes will be affixed to the corner of the artwork and tell the history of the image and about the artist that painted it. Come stroll the avenue!

The Chalk Festival an entirely 501c3 volunteer organization that is made up of volunteers, artists, sponsors, and visitors who together create the “WOW” everyone has come to LOVE. We are a chalk family that works hard to bring together, each year, the largest gathering of renowned pavement artists from around the world, while also presenting the largest number of interactive 3D illusions.

Zombies! One can never have enough zombies on Halloween! 

Zombies are hand-made by Chalk Festival artists with the help of volunteers for the upcoming “A SPIRITED Museum in Motion” October 28 – 30 in Burns Square, downtown Sarasota.  

The Zombies will be featured around the intersection of South Orange & South Pineapple Avenues in downtown Sarasota, Florida USA. (Other past sculptures may be present as well such as Snowflake the Elephant!)

“The process of creating this daytime sculpture exhibition of colorful zombies is quite labor intensive,” states Manny Lopez, Chalk Festival volunteer. “It is a several month process with each zombie being worked on by multiple volunteers and artists.”

We are casting faces of real community people! Each Zombie face requires three or more artists attention to make one successful face mold that is then made into a face casting. Our Chalk Festival sculptor Kumpa Tawornprom leads us all in the process. The casting is made using a local volunteer or artist who allows their face to be molded for this unique sculpture installation. Our faces represent the young and young at heart from ages 14 to 92! 

For more information, please contact, info@chalkfestival.org.