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Aggressive Driving Surges/Shootings

‘Since 2020, we’ve seen a large increase in aggressive driving.’

The House Transportation and Modals Subcommittee delved into driver safety with a panel discussion involving law enforcement, state officials and representatives from the private sector.

With 22.9 million vehicles currently in the state, and difficulty filling the ranks of Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers, issues abound on Florida roads, including nearly documented 110,000 hit-and-run crashes and 700,000 crashes in the last year.

“Since 2020, we’ve seen a large increase in aggressive driving,” said Dave Kerner, the Executive Director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, with 187 shootings on the interstate system last year alone.

Kerner’s comments set the stage for a series of professionals discussing the state of play on Florida roads, including attempts to mitigate issues, after a video was presented to the panel that showed cars and trucks driving recklessly, some at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour. Legislators expressed concerns about everything from rogue scooters to endangered pedestrians as they pressed for answers throughout.”
Excerpt Florida Politics.

“If you do see an aggressive driver, if you see someone that’s cutting in between lanes, traveling above the posted speed limit, you can dial *FHP, that’s *347 on your mobile device and report that driver,” Crescenzi said. Hit-and-run crashes continue to be a statewide issue, averaging 103,000 hit-and-run crashes a year over the past five years. There are 250 deaths on average each year caused by hit-and-run drivers.” Excerpt WESH-TV.

“As instances of aggressive driving increase, local agencies say they need stealthier ways to catch extreme violators. Many in the Tampa Bay area and across the state of Florida are turning to unmarked muscle cars.”

 A Florida lawmaker is introducing a new bill that would make it illegal to drive continuously in the left lane unless you’re passing other traffic.

Right now, you’re supposed to move over for faster traffic, but the new law would make the left lane off-limits for anything other than passing.

No doubt, most of us have been frustrated by it when a driver is in the left lane, moving slow, and not getting over to the right, and Florida is one of more than two dozen states that already have laws urging left-lane drivers to move over.  Excerpts WTSP


According to the American Automobile Association, aggressive driving is responsible for 50% of all traffic fatalities. Aggressive driving, or “road rage,” can motivate a driver to make questionable choices that ultimately disregards the safety of others.

Aggressive driving behaviors include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Carelessly weaving through traffic
  • Changing lanes without signaling
  • Yelling at other drivers
  • Honking the car horn at other drivers
  • Deliberately running red lights
  • Intentionally blocking other vehicles from changing lanes
  • Antagonizing other drivers