/3D Illusion Museum

3D Illusion Museum

“Experience over 45 interactive illusions created in collaboration with world-renowned Chalk Festival artists. Each illusion is a hand-painted original works of art that you are encouraged to step onto and become a part of the illusion. Make sure you bring your camera and get ready to take mind-blowing photos of you petting a tiger, holding off an alligator, kissing a huge frog, chased by a T-Rex, or in a fish tank to name a few!” The Museum was created by Denise Kowal who started the local Chalk Festival which originated in 2007.
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Participating Artists

  • Gregor Wosik, Germany
  • Cuboliquido, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)
  • Eduardo Relero, Argentina
  • Remko VanShaik, The Netherlands
  • Santiago Hernandez, Mexico *
  • Carlos Hernandez, Mexico
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Sergio Nino, Columbia
  • Limnesh Augustine, India
  • Jincy Babu, India
  • Kanako Matsumoto, Japan *
  • Lori Escalera, California
  • Kumpa Tawornprom, Florida
  • Bridget Lyons, Florida *
  • Truman Adams, Sarasota
  • Leon Keer, Netherlands (delayed due to coronavirus)
  • Matt McAllister, Sarasota
  • Ruben Arriaga, Mexico
  • Lester Mendoza, Florida
  • Luther Rosebaro, Sarasota
  • Sharyn Chan, California
  • Esh, Florida
  • Kurt Wenner, Italy (delayed due to coronavirus)