//"You Can't Make This Stuff Up"
"You Can't Make This Stuff Up", Our Town Sarasota News Events

"You Can't Make This Stuff Up"

Editor’s Note: We try and add a little levity with the absurdity of life. Feel free to comment or share.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up 

* Update: Melissa Howard has resigned as a candidate. Our sympathies to Mrs. Howard and her family and friends for this fiasco.
When a Sarasota candidate denies that her college diploma is a fake, then admits it after the University says it’s a fake and swears she won’t lie again. All the while saying she is going to continue to run for a Florida House seat after she gets busted. Who could make this up, or figure out the logic, it only happens in Sarasota? We will try and ask her why she will continue to run for the House seat.

* Dolphins, whale sharks and all kinds of fish are dying and washing ashore from red tide and Sarasota County says you can still swim in it.

"You Can't Make This Stuff Up", Our Town Sarasota News Events Photo Credit: Photo941.com

* Governor Scott waits months before he declares a State of Emergency for Florida’s west coast counties due to red tide. He says the state will kick in $600,000 to let people know it’s ok to visit here with the red tide, lol. When will the remediation of polluted sugar waters begin that enhances the red tide? Be sure to see our Series on Red Tide the Florida Crises, http://www.ourtownsarasota.com/sarasota-news-events-articles/florida-crises-red-tide-how-did-we-get-here/

* A Sarasota women wires a million dollars to some man she is in love with but, never met. Love is blind 🙂

* Update: their ceiling is fixed and the dining area is open. Dunkin Donuts on the South Trail had a roof leak in their eating area and kept it open for a long time. They told people it was a free shower, enjoy, just kidding. Later they closed the eating area for months. We wonder if the dining area is still closed. The drive up remained open. Go figure? *