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Yard Sale @ Venice Theatre

Yard Sale at Venice Theatre

“An unexpected treasure!”

Feb 7 – Mar 8, 2020

By Dave O’Sullivan

Like finding a rare and vintage item at a random rummage sale, this play is exactly that, a discovered gem that was originally performed at a community theatre festival. YARD SALE a musical about junk premiered at the Venice Theatre’s Pinkerton stage this weekend and it was anything but Junk, (which was the original name of the production).
Brian Freeman, the assistant scenic designer at VT, took us to a quaint little beach house that is the setting for Yard Sale where we meet Karissa (our main character) and the hilariously kooky junk hunters she encounters as she begins to get rid of the accumulated ‘junk’ in her life. A story we all can relate to, Yard Sale is universal in the way it portrays the way we collect, hoard and eventually let go of emotions and sometimes people in order to rebuild and love again, including ourselves. Too bad we couldn’t make a couple of bucks from shedding those who hurt us along the way!
Yard Sale will be playing on the Pinkerton stage February 7th thru March 8th at the Venice Theatre, 140 Tampa Ave W, Venice, Florida 34285. BOX OFFICE (941) 488-1115

Yard Sale by Molly Bass and Jeff Hartman

One person’s junk is another one’s treasure! This original musical comedy about a break up, a yard sale and … a mermaid caught our attention when it won awards at a recent national festival. Trust us, this show is as funny as its title!


Karissa: Thayer Greenberg
Jann: Lisa Taylor
Dwight: Jack Kaiser
The Extra: Kenneth Glesge
Crystal: Brittany Roa
Jean: Laurie Colton
Joe: Thomas Rhoor
The Mermaid: Sabiné Timol


IMPORTANT NOTE: Already the ‘gem’ of community theatre on Florida’s west coast for 70 years, the VT theatre is going thru some big fantastic changes and expansion. The main stage has been renamed the Jervey Theatre in honor of Doctor William H. Jervey who is a generous benefactor of the VT and encourages others to donate from the community and match his gift to reach the goal of $ 2.5 million for their Net Act Campaign which includes a new arts and education building. Tax deductible gifts can be made to https://venicetheatre.org/nextact