//Nightmare at Stickney & U.S. 41
Nightmare at Stickney & U.S. 41

Nightmare at Stickney & U.S. 41

Nightmare at Stickney & U.S. 41

The intersection at Stickney Pt. and U.S. 41 looks like a nightmare train wreck now. What will it be like if Sarasota County approves the Benderson proposal of a multi-use development covering about 24 acres and including 140,000 square feet of retail, 415 residential units and a 130-room hotel at an intersection that already has traffic backed up without the proposed new development? This area could easily be comparable to University Parkway that is gridlocked continually and has one of the highest accident rates in the  County.

Traffic service engineer who has been reviewing the proposals.sent an email to Kimley-Horn , Benderson’s consultants, that raised several issues not answered in its Nov. 29 response, including:

• Ensuring that a proposed traffic light on Stickney Point Road and Avenues B and C will not cause traffic headed west to Siesta Key to back up all the way to U.S. 41.

• Benderson and Kimley-Horn have not yet met requirements to show that intersection warrants a traffic signal.

Internally, an email from fellow DOT engineer Richard Matthews questions whether the two left-hand turn lanes on U.S. 41 northbound at Stickney Point Road — traveling to Siesta Key — will back up beyond the 350-foot length of vehicle storage capacity weekday nights and during Saturday peak traffic flows, and the spillover into the northbound travel lanes will further snarl traffic.

Sura Kochman

Keep in mind that the traffic in the 41/Stickney Pt area has increased dramatically since 2005, when the trailer park last existed. Also, Benderson is asking for 56% more than they normally would be be allowed, should they receive the zone change that they are requesting. They are certainly entitled to develop the property, but not in the dense and intense manner currently proposed.