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Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls Venice Theatre

By Dave O’Sullivan

“One of the most consummate musicals of our time with an outstanding cast”.

Lady luck blew into the Venice Theatre and everyone got some action with the production of Guys and Dolls this weekend!
The stage scenery took us back to old New York with an almost comic book style look and a fantastic wardrobe given to us by the always amazing scenic designer Tim Wisgerhof and costume designer Amanda McGee not to forget the entire production team, cast, crew and musician’s that were involved.

Guys and Dolls has been in production for 70 years now and is still as relevant and charming as it was back in 1950. Always a crowd pleaser, this play provides plenty of laughs and classic tunes still hummed by many folks today. The production flowed flawlessly taking us from location to location and number to number without a hiccup. As always, the VT provides top notch local talent to entertain us but a standout in this production was the voice of Erica Jade Drew who played Sarah Brown the woman who ‘hustled’ Sky Masterson’s heart.

Guys and Dolls will be playing on the newly renamed Jervey Theatre in the Venice Theatre February 21st thru March 22nd so grab your favorite Doll, blow on the dice and enjoy an evening of great community theatre. And don’t worry about luck, she’ll be a lady.

The Cast:

Sky Masterson: Randy Ronco
Sarah Brown: 
Erica Jade Drew
Nathan Detroit: 
Joseph Giglia
Miss Adelaide: 
Jolie Rand Cannon
Nicely-Nicely Johnson
: Tim Garner
Benny Southstreet: Steve Bikfalvy
Rusty Charlie: Jaden Lux
Arvide Abernathy: Jim Brigger
Agatha: Morgan Cox
Calvin: Lucas Maxwell
Martha: Julie Ann Buckler
Harry the Horse: Mark Menezes
Lt. Brannigan: Daniel T. Cole
Angie the Ox: Morgan Carlson
Mimi: Leah Woodsum/Karyssa Wong
General Matilda B. Cartwright: Rebecca Cross
Big Jule: Nethaneel Williams
Master of Ceremonies/Brandy Bottle Bates: David Russell
Waiter/Scranton Slim: Gabriel Trimbur
Drunk: Samuel Echevarria
Hot Box Girls: Kinsey Hill, Leah Woodsum, Shannon Gedney, Karyssa Wong, Maria Augustina (Feb. 21-March 10), Tahlia Chinault (March 11-22)
Male Ensemble/Crapshooters: Philip Morehouse, David Russell, Samuel Echevarria, Jaden Lux, Gabriel Trimbur, Morgan Carlson (Dance Captain)

Dewayne Barrett


140 Tampa Ave. Venice, Florida 34285
Box Office 941-488-1115