/Disenchanted! Review Venice Theatre

Disenchanted! Review Venice Theatre

Review by Dave Sullivan

This was the opening weekend for Disenchanted! The musical comedy hit being performed on the Pinkerton stage at the Venice Theatre and boy, I mean girl, was it a blast! Walking into the theatre you felt like you were shrunken down and placed on a child’s book shelf thanks to scenic designer Donna Buckalter but let me tell you, this was no place for kids!
The fairy book princesses have come to town and they’re a little ticked off. From body issues to being grossly misrepresented to suffering from the ‘princess complex’ these gals are on a hilarious musical mission to set the record straight (except Mulan, see the show, get the joke) and tell you a thing or two about what really happens ‘happily ever after.’ Each song and princess were hysterical but the stand-out in my opinion was Ariel tapping into her secret stash and pining for her fish tail in the song ‘Two Legs.’ Each song and joke were a knock-out punch to the face of the damsel in distress stereo-type but one song, whose title is too naughty to repeat, was especially titillating and laugh out-loud funny. Not to mention, it kind of makes you think.
Geena Ravella, who choreographed 42nd Street, makes her directorial debut with this production and serves as choreographer to boot. The amazing cast and crew made this a wonderful bedtime story for adults and puts a biting twist on our favorite fairytale gals. Just watch who you’re calling princess, bud!
Disenchanted! will be running March 22nd through April 14th on the Pinkerton stage at Venice Theatre in Venice, Florida 140 W Tampa Ave. 34285
Box Office 941-488-1115
New start time! All shows at VT will be at 7:30 PM (not including special events.)