//Almost Perfect – Venice Theatre

Almost Perfect – Venice Theatre

Review by Dave O’Sullivan

I was lucky enough to catch the second from last production of Almost Maine this weekend
performed on the cozy Pinkerton stage at the beautiful Venice Theatre in downtown Venice,
Florida. So, you are probably asking yourself, if the production is no longer running then why is
this guy writing about it? Good question with a great answer… it was fantastic!
Not just because of the material (a play that premiered in 2004 telling nine different stories of
love and taking place in one quirky little fictional town) but something much more impressive, it
was entirely put on by the Venice Theatre Youth Production Company (YPC). In a single word
and without any disrespect, it was put on by kids. I mean the entire production from picking the
material and pitching it to the money people to stage design, set-up, break down, performing,
directing, the whole shebang was done by high school age kids.
If you have ever been a part of any performance production you can appreciate how much work
and effort goes into that, even grade school plays can be a nightmare to get done, seriously. The
Venice Theatre has done a wonderful thing by letting these kids spread their creative wings and
soar to a level that their adult colleagues do.
The Venice Theatre has a terrific line up traditional stage plays and musicals this season that I
encourage you to go see but keep your eyes peeled for the next venture of the Youth Production
Company, I assure you will not be disappointed.